This is my first blog at this site; an imaginative gift from my step-daughter and her significant other. Most of what will appear here henceforth will be political in nature. That’s my passion. So that you understand where I’m coming from, here’s some history:  When I came of age, I registered as a Republican and maintained that party affiliation until the GOP got highjacked by the religious right and entered into divisive racial politics (think Nixon’s “southern strategy”).  I switched to “Democrat” until its liberal policies shifted too far left. That’s when I changed to Independent status which is where I am today and am likely to remain. Why? Because I believe that while neither party has a corner on what’s best for our country, both have something of value to offer. That means that from time to time, my blogs will support one or the other party’s position on a particular issue. The stance I end up taking will be strongly influenced by evidence, both current and historical, and by the strength of the argument involving both. I am open to contrary points of view and welcome rebuttal so long as it is on-topic and IMpersonal. To keep things informal, feel free to refer to me as “Puzz”. All this said, I’ll finish with a “Stay tuned”!!!