“Scott who?” you say? Name doesn’t ring a bell? I’ll bet his impact on the 2012 election got your attention. Scott is the bartender who openly videoed Mitt Romney’s infamous “47%” remarks at a fat cat fund raiser last fall.

If you want to see, hear and find out how the mind of a stand-up guy works, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3xo8IG4sVe. That address will link you to a tape of the one and only exclusive interview the man has given out.

In the interest of honesty, on the tape, Prouty appears as the guest of Ed Schultz, a progressive and regular member of MSNBC’s line-up of talk show hosts. The tape begins with a commercial (naturally), and then about 1 1/3 minutes in, the meaningful dialogue begins. Schultz is not intrusive and pretty much lets his guest explain how the taping of Romney happened, how openly conducted (vs. sneaky) it was, and the struggle that Scott had within himself over how to proceed.

What Prouty has to say, how he says it, and how he has consistently kept his ego from going overboard given what he had done, are all there. I’ll not make a value judgment although you are already likely to know what it would be. The contents of the tape speak for themselves and I trust visitors to this blogsite to form their own opinions once they have viewed the tape. In that regard, I’d like your impressions of the tape’s contents so let me hear from you.