In my last blog, I commented on the scandal involving the Justice Department’s (JD) surveillance of the Associated Press (AP) and a Fox News reporter named James Rosen. Since the publication of that commentary on May 29th, the air has pretty much gone out of congressional Republicans’ attempt to find the JD guilty of any wrongdoing vis a vis the AP.

At the time of my May 29th blog, and as noted in its last paragraph, the JD’s surveillance of Mr. Rosen could not be so easily dismissed. More evidence pertinent to this matter continues to filter in as this update is being typed, so stay tuned.

In a similar vein, there has been a steady stream of information relating to the IRS scandal involving the targeting of conservative organizations for extra scrutiny. That will be the subject of the last installment in my “trilogy”, once sufficient evidence has accumulated to stake out a reasoned and defensible position on this matter which has already become far more complex than conservatives and even the mainstream media have led us to believe.

I’ll be back on both the Rosen and IRS stories by month’s end. Till then, I hope you are enjoying your summer wherever you are.