Gathered from various sources on and off the Internet to help you better understand just how far removed from mainstream America the Right has lurched.

** The Birthers, who have questioned President Obama’s eligibility to serve, have no problem with their new darling, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who happened to have been born in Canada. Now, in Cruz’ defense, at the time of his birth, his mother was an American citizen which does, in fact, make him eligible. How then does this not apply equally to Obama whose mother was also an American citizen at the time of his birth? The LEGAL key is the mother’s citizenship, NOT where the child was born. Ah, but if you listen to Birthers, there really is a difference. As one of them put it, “I don’t consider Canada foreign soil. But Obama just has too close an association with Kenya”.

** A recent Pew Research Center poll of registered Republicans turned up this:  A majority of the respondents were DISsatisfied with the party’s present position and want it to become MORE conservative. Gee, maybe the GOP could advocate for a return to the “gold standard”, and repeals of women’s right to vote and other significant pieces of progressive legislation all of which are squarely in line with the Constitution’s “equal protection” clause.

** During Congress’ summer recess, its Republican members were greeted at one townhall meeting after another with cries of “Impeach Obama” from their hard-core constituents. Never ones to tell these voters the truth, the GOP representatives basically voiced their support for the idea, but then claimed that they could never get the Senate to marshal the votes needed to remove the president from office. How much better and more truthful if they have asked their constituents “On what grounds? Please cite for me the ‘high crime’ that the president has committed because without that, we simply cannot move forward”. This is what you get when you mix ignorance and hate with deceit.

**  A member of a Neo-Nazi/White Supremacist group has moved to the town of Leith, North Dakota and begun to buy up abandon homes. Once in his possession, the houses were turned over to other group members, the intent being to eventually establish an all-white population of like-minded individuals. Obviously, this is a sad thing for the longstanding residents of Leith, including its one African-American. If there is a silver lining to this story, it is that now, the FBI will know exactly where to find these divisive, dangerous hate-mongers.

All four vignettes help define the price we pay for our freedom. We don’t have to like or respect what these individuals stand for. We DO have to respect their right to exist and to vote. So, be sure to go to the polls in 2014 and ’16 and cancel their vote with yours. If two of you go to their one, sanity wins!!!