Stand fast, Mr. President!! Don’t give so much as a centimeter to those hostage-taking, economic terrorists in the House Tea Party caucus and their fellow Republicans. There is NOTHING to negotiate over and there are TWO profoundly important reasons for holding the line.

First, the Constitution obligates the Congress to pay the nation’s bills. It’s right there in a simple phrase. That same wording makes NO provision for adding to the bill that settles our debts, “riders”, clauses, or pre-conditions. So, for those House Republicans to demand even one “add-on”, is either UNconstitutional or “extra-Constitutional”. Imagine that, coming from a party whose members fancy themselves as great defenders of our most sacred document, arrogantly refer to themselves as “patriots”, insist that the Constitution be strictly interpreted, and damn judges who they see as “activists” for finding in the Constitution, concepts that aren’t there. There is nothing to negotiate; no room for concessions, Just pay our bills, PERIOD!!!

Second, elections have consequences. In 2012, one of our two major parties ran, in part, on the promise to repeal Obamacare. That party lost not only the presidency, but seats in the Senate and House as well. In powerful numbers, the majority of Americans told the GOP “We are not buying what you are selling!”. Clearly, the Tea Partiers never got the message. So, unable to achieve their goal by means of an election, they have decided to engage in economic terrorism to get what they want. As a result, millions of dollars are falling out of the domestic economy each day this Republican-created, government shutdown goes on.*

Guess what? All this pain and acrimony could be ended with the proverbial wave of a hand. The Senate has already passed a clean bill to pay our debts; “clean” that is, with no “riders” or pre-conditions attached. That bill went to the House for what could be a simple “up-or-down” vote. Were one taken, all the Democrat members and a small but sufficient number of Republicans would create the 218-vote majority needed. But, thus far, Speaker Boehner, in fear of the Tea Party caucus that stands ready to remove him as Speaker, has not allowed that to happen. This entirely avoidable state of affairs is likely to go on for several more days as conservatives try to pry out of the president, concessions that neither the Constitution nor the results of the last election compel him to make.+ Once the GOP-dominated House understands this and admits defeat, the Senate’s debt ceiling bill will pass and we will move on to the next round of political turmoil which is more likely than not to be set in motion by the same group that has caused all our current problems. Be that as it may, the watchword at this blogsite is “STAND FAST MR. PRESIDENT”.


*Congressional Republicans are deservedly getting the blame. Their polled approval ratings for the handling of the debt ceiling now approach just 15%, with 75% DISapproving, and about 10% unsure.

+Other poll results have consistently shown that the majority of respondents are on Obama’s side. Their position is that the Congress must pay our bills with no strings attached. The funding/repeal of Obamacare should be treated as a separate issue and debated at a later date.