Ever had a real-life experience or watched a movie when something bad was about to happen and you just couldn’t help but keep looking? Well, keep looking because what follows are four examples of BAD, each of which deserves a title and an “award”…

The Mike Huckabee “I Completely Forget” Award:  At a recent conservative gathering, the former governor of Arkansas launched into a rant wherein he asserted that he would feel freer in North Korea than here in the United States. What got the Huckster’s dander up was his having to go through an airport screening, shoe removal and all. It’s hard to imagine that three attacks on 9-11 that killed almost 3,000 of our fellow citizens, a shoe-bomber named Robert Reid, and a thwarted terrorist bomb plot that targeted LA International would slip someone’s mind. But how else to explain this bizarre “North Korea freer than the US” comparison? Oh wait, Huckabee was talking to a room full of other conservatives.

The Ted Cruz “Out with the Baby and the Bathwater” Award: At the same conservative enclave, US Senator Ted Cruz (TX) laid down the gauntlet with the proclamation that “…every single word of Obamacare should be repealed”. Damn Ted, you mean even the good parts, too; like insurance companies not being able to deny you coverage because of a pre-existing condition, and parents allowed to keep their children on the family’s health insurance plan up to age 26? Who are you pandering to, senator, with that sort of inane extremism?

The Mary Fallin (1)/Oklahoma Legislature’s “Triple-Dip Hypocrisy” Award”:  You really have to hand it to these Republicans. They recently passed legislation banning the raising of the minimum wage in all municipalities within their state. The rationale for this statute involved “leveling the playing field” for the businesses in the municipalities so that one would not have higher overhead than competitors. This act of blinding hypocrisy flies in the face of THREE fundamental conservative principles; i.e. (1) let people at the local level decide how to manage their own affairs; (2) leveling the playing field is flat-out socialistic and therefore (3) is antithetical to the operation of the free markets that conservatives profess to love.

The Rand Paul “Well, Yes But…” Award:  US Senator Rand Paul (KY) admonished his fellow conservatives that to grow the Republican party, there had to be better “outreach”, especially to minorities. Well yes senator, but is the passage of draconian yet unnecessary voter ID laws the way to do it? Do you win converts by suppressing the votes of the very groups that you want to attract? Next time up, tell your cohorts that the results of a nation-wide study commissioned by their own president GW Bush, produced evidence that widespread voter fraud simply doesn’t exist. So all the laws they have passed to mitigate voter fraud really amount to a solution in search of a problem. Can you “man up”  and tell them the truth or is that level of honesty missing from your character?

There you have it; four examples of conservative wretched rhetorical excess (Huckabee), over-kill (Cruz), hypocrisy (Fallin et al), and halfhearted honesty (Paul). And these people wonder why they can’t win national elections.


1. Mary Fallin is the sitting governor of Oklahoma. Texans know that their state would float off and become an island in the Gulf of Mexico if Oklahoma didn’t suck!