The complete title of the book referenced above is “The Stranger:  Barack Obama in the White House”. It’s author is Chuck Todd, the new moderator of NBC’s Sunday, political talk-show “Meet the Press”, and former NBC News Chief and White House correspondent.

The text covers the period from 2007 to well into 2013. That means that topics like Obama’s decision to announce for the presidency, his campaign for the Democratic nomination in 2008, his first election, the campaign for his second election, his second term, and the ins-and-outs of governing for almost six years are all treated.

If you love politics like your blogger, you’ll relish the details that are important parts of the many topics cited in the foregoing paragraph. And what is woven throughout, are anecdotes and facts that support the author’s central premise; i.e. that Barack Obama is a “stranger”, not just in the White House, but in the nation’s capitol and the halls of Congress where his high-minded idealism and efforts to conduct the people’s business in that context, were a poor fit relative to the status quo. This mismatch was covered in a recent blog – “The Last Two Years of the Obama Presidency” (Nov. 20, 2014), posted at this site.

Anyone who delves into “The Stranger” looking for scandalous gossip is going to be hugely disappointed. The same can be said for the anti-Obama reader who is seeking a one-sided expose’ of the president’s failings and failures, and the pro-Obama individual who hopes for a blanket endorsement of the man’s presidency. Turning his back on such titillating stories and polarizing reportage, Todd has made an obvious, diligent effort to be even-handed and always, to align his commentary with the facts and evidence. Those are the attributes that make “The Stranger” a worthwhile read.