ITEM:  Even before Obama had won his party’s presidential nomination in 2008, conservatives everywhere were mocking him as a one-term senator, too inexperienced to be Commander-in-Chief. But, now we have front and center, both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, one-term senators, being advanced as top-tier Republican candidates. Is there a “cap” on GOP hypocrisy?

ITEM:  The aforementioned Senator Cruz, busy courting the right’s evangelical base, has informed that voting block that gays are waging a “jihad” against them. How will those evangelicals, not a group known for deep, critical thinking, deal with the presence of gay Christians is an interesting question. Maybe for them, “gay Christian” is an oxymoron.

ITEM:  Speaking to conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt, former VP Dick Cheney opined that Barack Obama is the “worst president, ever”. Memo to Cheney – Remember to take your Aricept. (1)

ITEM:  Ultra-conservative talk show host Alex Jones referred to John Boehner as a “rat bastard”, thereby violating Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment; i.e. “Thou shall speak no ill of any other Republican”.

ITEM:  The April 4, 2015 issue of World Net Daily, a conservative newspaper with both a print and on-line circulations, asserted that the recent lunar eclipse with its “blood moon” characteristic, was “totally tied to Obama’s negotiations with Iran”. This claim now renders rhetorical, the question “Is there anything that the right won’t blame on Obama?”

ITEM:  A Florida florist was closely questioned about her refusal to provide services to gays because of their sinful ways. Asked if she would do the same with adulterers, the woman replied  “No, because homosexuality is a ‘different’ kind of sin”. Your blogger’s search through the Bible for such a distinction proved fruitless.

ITEM:  A Dublin, Georgia public school classroom teacher informed her students that if their parents had voted for Obama, then “they are not Christian”. Not surprisingly, in that neck of the woods, you can make such statements and retain your job.


1. Aricept is a popular prescribed drug that purportedly slows the memory loss associated with the aging process.