All one has to do is follow the legislative agendas of every state with a GOP-controlled governing body and a compliant governor. Within, you’ll find all sorts of bills that chip away at a woman’s right to choose what to do with the contents of her body. The latest example can be found in Texas where about 40 clinics where abortions were accessible, have now been cut down to seven. In other states, woman are being forced by one means or another to undergo a vaginal ultrasound test before undergoing the termination of her pregnancy. Notice that the former procedure must take place as decreed by the state, not recommended by the patient’s ob-gyn. For a party that rails against government intervention in the lives of private citizens, it is hard to imagine anything more intrusive. Not only does it impinge on the woman, but on her physician and their relationship as well.

This sort of legislating isn’t confined to just the state level. As this blog is being typed, the GOP-controlled House is working out a way to DEfund family planning programs; a well-regarded, effective way of reducing unplanned/unwanted pregnancies. Can you appreciate the irony to be found in the action of a party that loathes abortion on the one hand, but engages in behavior that might increase their likelihood on the other?

The foregoing is an all-too-brief synopsis of the Republicans’ very real “war on women”. The “battlefields” are the floors of the aforementioned state legislatures and the US Congress where elected representatives, unable to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade US Supreme Court decision, are doing everything they can to gut it with the proverbial “thousand small cuts”. All highfalutin rhetoric aside, this is at base, an attempt to impose on individual women, a morality that they might or might not subscribe to. The goal is to make women behave in a way that conforms to the moral code of those who are trying to force that code and requisite behavior upon them.

In the sharpest of contrasts, there is the phony, ginned up “war on Christians” that the conservative media and spinmeisters have promoted. Yet, if you look to state legislatures controlled by Democrats, you cannot find in a single one of them, the slightest attempt to deny Christians a right to their religious beliefs, access to the church of their choice and the freedom to worship as they please in the privacy of their homes.

What these same governing bodies ARE trying to do is impress upon those Christians in the anti-abortion/anti-gay movements, that we are a nation of laws that have been enshrined in the US Constitution, not the Holy Bible. You cannot deny a gay or an abortion-seeker, an accommodation in a public place or for a public service, no matter what your religious beliefs. Of course, even as you wait on a gay person, there is nothing stopping you from seeing them as “sinful”, “Godless” or “consigned to Hell”. You remain free to go right on thinking that way. But, by law, you are going to have to bake that cake for their gay wedding, or perform the wedding ceremony or perform an abortion. Thereafter, you can pray for the souls of the recipients and their salvation. (1)

Now that would be the truly Christian thing to do!!!


1. Search the New Testament and you will not find a single incident when Jesus turned away anyone; the sick, the lame, the poor, even those who in their day, were regarded as “sinners”. He welcomed and ministered to them all. How far some of today’s “Christians” have strayed from that model.