At the least, you’ve heard that the US and our five negotiating partners including Russia and China, have come to an agreement with Iran over limiting that country’s nuclear capabilities. Maybe you also caught some snippets of the new conference that President Obama held to field questions about this deal.

If you want to appreciate our Commander-in-Chief at his best; articulate, savvy, analytic, and professorial with an “in-your-face” challenge to his opponents, here’s your chance:  Use the link provided below (1) and watch the entire 1 hour/9 minute news conference. Every minute you take in is worth the investment of your time and for the best of reasons:  You will end up being better informed!!!…obama-news-conference-iran-nuclear-deal.

The anti-Obama crowd has already come out with exactly the sort of over-heated rhetoric you would expect; e.g. “sell-out…appeasement…” They are trying to lay this deal entirely at Obama’s feet. This, of course, is deceitful. As noted above, we were joined at the negotiating table by five other major powers. If our president got “snookered” by the Iranians, so did all those other nations. Ask yourself how likely is that to have been the case?

As of today’s date, both houses of Congress have 59 days to debate the pros and cons of the agreement and then vote it either up or down. While this is ongoing, watch for Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyehu and the American-Israeli Political Affairs Committee to put on a full-court press to get our representatives to scuttle the arrangement. To do that, they will need to collect a super-majority of 67 Senate votes. That number would be sufficient to over-ride a presidential veto. Any number short of 67, and the deal will go forward, no matter how the House votes.

Stay tuned as all the political gamesmanship and histrionics play out.


1. You cannot simply click on the link provided. Type it into your search window. If that doesn’t work, then use “Obama news conference 7-15-15” to execute a Google search and look for the c-span video cited above.