If you missed either or both of the GOP debates, here are some snippets that MAY prove insightful (?), prophetic (?) or just plain wrong.

From the one-hour, junior varsity scrum, there are these…

Rick Santorum observed that he and his wife brought seven children into the world because they have “faith in America”. A more plausible and less politically motivated answer would acknowledge that both are devout Roman Catholics and may lack the ability to count to 30. But “thanks” (sic) to both Santorums for adding to an already over-populated planet.

Rick Perry made a good second impression., He came acrosss as informed on current issues without a hint of his infamous “ooops” moment from four years ago. Give the guy credit; he may have vaulted himself onto the “A” team.

Carly Fiorina did herself a lot of good, especially because she gave the conservative base what they are addicted to; i.e. hate speech. Watch for her poll numbers to rise.

The other members of the JV team remain undistinguished and it is hard to image their individual stars rising.

As for the main event…

It will be interesting to see if Trump’s numbers change. He came off as his predictably self-absorbed, narcissistic “Primadonald”. His love affair with the hate wing of the GOP base may continue apace.

John Kasich presented himself as a thinking, common sense moderate conservative. That would make him an attractive alternative to Jeb. His problems will be with the haters who can’t stand the fact that he expanded Medicare as part of Obamacare; a very big no-no with that group.

Jeb  was stiff while trying to strike a more reasonable tone and still keep the haters interested. One really must ask, compared to his brother, is he truly the “smart one”? That’s setting the bar pretty low.

Mike Huckabee can’t be anything but his pious, santimonious self, a posture that always wins him some evangelical votes, but has never put him over the top. That won’t change.

Rand Paul may have surprised some folks with his feistiness as he “got into it” with Chris Christie and had the better of the two arguments that dealt with warrantless snooping on US citizens.

Marco Rubio anointed himself a candidate of the “future”, never mind that he fully intended to return to a failed, 53-year old policy of how the US deals with Cuba. He sees no contradiction therein.

All the candidates came out forcefully against the Iran deal, vowed to repeal Obamacare, and to hate even the air that Hillary breaths. The was all pro forma and de riguerur. Ok, all you guys up on the stage can check those boxes.

Finally, it will be interesting to see what the next round of national polls tell us about winners and losers. Till then, stay tuned.