Herewith, an assortment of newsworthy items which are likely to elicit any number of reactions all the way from disbelieving to stunned to quietly satisfied….

Primadonald continues to move, almost inexorably, towards the GOP nomination. He is in a very competitive race with Ted Cruz (R-TX) in Iowa, and leading in at least three other states (NH, GA and FL), This has the collective anal sphincter of the Republican establishment in a serious state of constriction. Its members simply do not know how to deal with the real estate mogul’s clever manipulation of the nation’s media and bring him down a peg or two.

Ted Cruz remains Primadonald’s closest rival, and  in polling, has a sizable lead in his home state of Texas. That Lone Star conservatives continue to back Cruz is a testament to how personality can overshadow performance. The fact is, Cruz has pandered to his Tea Party base while doing absolutely nothing for the other citizens of the state. In spite of being part of a GOP senate majority, Cruz has failed to pass a single piece of meaningful legislation. Quite the opposite; his forte has been obstruction.

Bernie Sanders has come forward with his single payer, national healthcare plan. Aside from the fact that it has absolutely no chance of ever passing out of the GOP-controlled House and on to the Senate, this proposal will require substantial increases in personal taxes in order to finance itself. In spite of these serious obstacles, young voters have been galvanized by the 74-year old senator’s brand of anti-Wall Street populism. Unfortunately, many of them can’t get beyond their idealism to see how so much of what Sanders is proposing is simply out of political reach.

Hillary Rodman Clinton is still the subject of the House Benghazi committee’s investigation into the deaths of four Americans at our consulate in Libya. At irregular intervals, there is the release of another batch of the former Secretary of State’s e-mails that either came into or left from her private server. The woman’s political enemies continue to hope that within each new bundle, they will find the proverbial “smoking gun” that will send Ms. Clinton off to jail, or at least out of the presidential sweepstakes.

So, there you have a “blogette” for each of the top candidates. The Iowa Caucus is less than a week away. It’s going to be interesting to see what sort of shakeup there is, if any, in the standings among these four.

Moving away from presidential politics, there are a few other “droppings” that deserve mention….

Planned Parenthood and the truth have finally started to benefit from the rolling accumulation of evidence that the organization was not guilty of harvesting and selling aborted fetal body parts as was supposedly shown in a video taken surreptitiously by some anti-abortion activists (1). Texas is now the latest among almost a dozen states to find that PP did no such thing. But, this fact has not stopped conservatives from insisting that the video is legitimate and that PP needs to be defunded and shut down.

Obamacare has survived another legal assault at the level of the US Supreme Court. Coincidentally, congressional Republicans voted for the 62 time to kill off that legislation. They managed to get the bill to repeal to the president’s desk where it was promptly and predictably vetoed. If that outcome was a foregone conclusion as it was, why did those same lawmakers bother? It’s called pandering to your political base.

Enough for now. As we move from state-to-state primaries, there are bound to be still more droppings, so stay tuned.


1.  Two separate forensic analyses concluded that the video in question had been heavily edited and in such a way as to put PP in a very unfavorable light. The perpetrators of this deceit are now under indictment by a Texas grand jury.