If you haven’t been able to keep up with what has been going on in the presidential campaigns or have simply tuned out, this blog may serve as a quick “catch-up”.

Republicans:  With the departure of Christie and Jeb Bush, the GOP field has now narrowed down to five contenders – Primadonald, Rubio, Cruz, Kasich and Carson. Among those aspirants, it’s the billionaire who continues to flourish. After his loss in the Iowa Caucus, he has won three straight primaries and keeps amassing delegates. His latest win was in SC where he won every major demographic and that included evangelicals. His appeal to that bloc remains a mystery inasmuch as Primadonald cheated on his first and second wives, fathered a child out of wedlock, and most recently said that he supported Planned Parenthood. By rights, this history should have sent evangelicals running in the opposite direction. But, it hasn’t; at least not yet.

In an effort to blunt Primadonald’s momentum, the GOP establishment has coalesced around Marco Rubio. Ted Cruz, who is avowedly anti-establishment, is hoping to get a boost in Texas where he enjoys strong support among Tea Party members. If Primadonald bests Cruz in the Lone Star state, Cruz will probably be so damaged a candidate that any faint hope he has of somehow gaining the nomination will be all but gone.

Between the two also-rans – Kasich and Carson – neither has been able to gain anything resembling significant traction with voters. Their persistence in defiance of that reality makes one wonder what sort of electoral miracle they believe is going to happen and vault either to the nomination.

Democrats:  HRC has now begun to slowly pull away from BS. Her sweeping victory in yesterday’s SC primary more than made up for her sizable loss in NH, even if the latter was quite expected. Her delegate count will get a huge lift from the party’s “super-delegates” who are pretty much committed to her even now.

Super Tuesday:  On March 1st, 12 states will hold primaries and how those contests pan out will go a long way towards telling us who will head the tickets for both parties. If the votes fall in her favor, HRC could virtually lock up the Democratic Party’s nomination, though BS has said that he is in the race till the very end.

Over in GOPland, Primadonald could conceivably do so well that he would all but be assured of his party’s nomination. Certainly, he will be helped by two recent endorsements that he has picked up; one by NJ Governor Christie (1) with the other coming from former AZ governor, Jan Brewer.

Because of the ways in which each state’s primary and delegate allocation are structured, it is possible from Rubio and/or Cruz could collect enough support to keep Primadonald from securing the minimum number of votes that he needs to claim the nomination. Indeed, that is what the two senators are hoping will happen since neither seems able to beat their rival, head-on.

In the event that no GOP candidate arrives for the party’s convention with the requisite number of delegates to claim the nomination, then watch the anti-Trump Republican factions go into overdrive and bat down a Primadonald claim that he deserves the nomination based on his securing a plurality of delegates. If that were to happen, we would be treated or subjected (you choose) to a venomous, televised fight on the convention floor that would inflict severe damage on the GOP brand going into next November’s general election.


  1. The idea is circulating that by endorsing Primadonald, Christie is pimping himself out as a VP candidate. If that were indeed to happen, we would be witnessing a first in American politics; i.e. two bullies on the same ticket.