Senator Sanders, hats off to you. You have run a Hell of a campaign when no one gave you a chance. And, you have delivered a much needed message; i.e. that Wall Street is corrupt, that our system is broken and that income inequality is a malignancy that is eating at the core of people’s belief that America can work for us all. That has resonated with millions of voters and in donations large and small, they have supported your run for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.

All the foregoing said, the fact is, you aren’t going to secure the nomination; it’s going to Hillary and you know it. Still, you have promised to soldier on and stay with the fight right up to the convention. Good for you! Dropping out now would betray the trust that your supporters have invested in you, especially younger voters and that can’t be allowed to happen. So, stay with it, but start to slowly and steadily modify your message. In that regard, the following multi-point argument is offered to both bolster and delineate that change.

(1) Since HRC is going to be the nominee, back off any criticism of your competitor that could be used against her in the general election; (2) spend more time in direct criticism of the GOP and Primadonald more specifically; (3) stay over on the far left as your position there provides a useful contrast with HRC who can then be seen as the more moderate of the two of you. That will help her in the general election, in particular with moderate and Independent voters; (4) begin to acclimate your supporters to the idea of coalescing with the party and staying with it through the election; (5) remind them of what is at stake with the Senate’s majority up for grabs and with it, the ability to influence the selection of Justice Scalia’s replacement; (6) make them feel needed and why their turnout in massive numbers is critical to the success of Democrats up and down the ballot; and (7) urge them to be sure that they are registered to vote.

Senator, you have vaulted yourself into the national spotlight with name recognition that you might never have dreamed of. You have a great opportunity to lead, especially in the Senate,  should control of that chamber end up in Democratic hands. Carpe diem, Bernie; seize the day!!!

With thanks and admiration,

Your blogger, Puzz