In one of those Lit classes that you might have taken as part of your education, you perhaps encountered the German legend of Faust. He was a brilliant man and a scholar, but a rather dissatisfied individual. What he yearned for was greater knowledge and other worldly pleasures. To gain both, he made a pact with the Devil in exchange for his own soul. Now you have a good idea of where adages like “A deal with the Devil” and “A Faustian bargain” came from. Indeed, the latter is defined more broadly as a willingness to sacrifice anything to satisfy a limitless desire for power.

Now, fast-forward to today and the all-but-inevitable ascendancy of Primadonald to the top of the Republican ticket. What’s the GOP to do? In reality, the options are pretty limited and all unattractive:  (1) unify and throw the Party’s weight behind this singularly unqualified racist/misogynist/bloviating liar; (2) sit on their hands and not vote; or (3) usher in a last-minute third party candidate; something that is presently under consideration.

If the GOP opts for #1, it will indeed slog towards a Faustian bargain. How do you get behind a two-time adulterer, serial liar (*), who has demonstrated that he knows nothing about how our domestic policy-making and geopolitics work (+) and not give up your own soul in the process ? Some Republicans like GHW Bush, GW Bush and Jeb Bush have already made that calculation and, to thir credit, walked away from it. In contrast, you have the soulless former governor of Texas, Rick Perry, who had previously referred to Primadonald as a “cancer”, but has much more recently indicated that he would be willing to run as VP with the man.

Options #2-3 can be lumped together because they both would have the same effect; i.e. deny Primadonald votes in the general election and thereby better insure victory for whomever the Democrats nominate for the presidency. That would be the bitterest of pills if that person happens to be Hillary Rodham Clinton who has been so thoroughly demonized by conservatives that you would think she was the woman who midwived the birth of Satan.

So, all this said, here’s a prediction:  Aside from the principled stand taken by the aforementioned Bushes and others not named here, watch for most Republicans to choke down a huge handful of acid reflux medication and rally around Primadonald. Maybe those people have effectively conned the Devil into believing that He has captured their souls when in fact, they never had one to bargain with and give away.



*Independent sources have taken a sizeable sample of Primadonald’s public remarks, fact-checked them and found that fully 90% of them are not just false, but deceitful.

+Even as Barack Obama was campaigning for the presidency in 2008, he was widely derided by conservatives as nothing but a “community organizer” who was far too inexperienced to ever be considered presidential. Now, the same critics stand on the threshold of supporting a man whose qualifications for the Oval Office would fall into negative numbers if you rated the outlandish, utterly stupid policy statements he has made. It’s hard to tell what is worse; the irony or the hypocrisy.