Herewith are three stories from the campaign trail that will encourage, offend or be greeted with ennui, depending on your own political leanings or lack of same.

A not so mixed message

On the one hand, Republicans have seen fit, for the first time EVER, to have an openly gay person (a man in this case) address the party’s national convention. On the other hand, Primadonald has picked as his running mate, one of the most notoriously anti-LGBT people in our galaxy in the form of Indiana governor, Mike Pence. Sit back for a minute and savor the cognitive dissonance and then will figure out what is going on here.

If you are a right-wing evangelical zealot, you can only be aghast at even the thought of this gay fellow addressing your party. The Republican National Committee is hoping that you’ll understand that it is trying to create the impression with the general public that the GOP is changing to be more inclusive and tolerant.

You can take the sincerity of this gesture with the proverbial grain of salt, or more appropriately, a handful of valium. If there really was anything to this, a more moderate Republican like Senator Rob Portman ( OH; 1), with a recent history of gay acceptance, would be on the ticket, not Pence. But there sits the Hoosier state’s governor to assure you that nothing has changed in conservativeland; no, not really.

Assault on a good man (2)

No sooner had FBI Director James Comey testified that he would not be leveling criminal charges against HRC, than inhabitants of the right-wing blogosphere went on the attack like a horde of hopped-up Banshees. How dare this man cut the legs out from under our four year-long narrative that the presidential candidate was guilty of everything from criminal negligence to the willful violation of statutes that govern the handling of sensitive, even classified, documents? But, that is what Comey did in a tightly reasoned argument that maintained fidelity to the law. Now, those same Banshees are attempting to make the “top cop” pay the price as they have relentlessly impugned his character, motives, and fitness to continue in his present job.The message here is unambiguously clear:  anyone who interferes with our efforts to kill off HRC politically, is going to suffer, the truth, the law and facts be damned.

The hearing to come

There will be no let-up in conservatives’ attempts to end HRC’s political life. The latest is that the GOP-controlled House Government Oversight Committee has formally tasked the FBI with determining whether or not the candidate perjured herself during her 11-hour interrogation by the Benghazi Committee.

As this process moves forward it is helpful to keep in mind that in order for a charge of perjury to hold up in court, a prosecutor must prove that the person under indictment willfully engaged in making false statement(s) for the purpose of evading the law. (3). In effect, you must catch the person perjuring themselves or have sufficient evidence in other forms, to make the case for perjury. That is not always an easy thing to do.


  1. Rather recently, Portman’s young adult son came out of the closet and admitted that he was gay. To his credit, the father came to terms with his offspring’s sexual orientation in a loving and accepting way.
  2. See the recent blog “In praise of FBI Director James Comey” published at this site.
  3. If this sounds familiar that is because as the FBI boss explained, he could not prove that HRC had the willful intent of skirting the law with her mishandling of classified documents. Again, readers are referred to a recent blog at this site; see “The latest in a long list of failures”.