In case you missed conservatives’ every-four-year nominating conclave, here’s a rundown of some key events in what is roughly chronological order.

July 16th:  As a teaser to the start of festivities, Primadonald introduced his running mate, Indiana governor, Mike Pence. Of course, the then-presumptive presidential nominee spent 28 minutes talking about himself before finally getting the Hoosier to the microphone. Pence was a logical pick that will secure the evangelical base for Trump and as top Republicans are hoping, will serve to moderate the excesses routinely exhibited by the head of the ticket. Good luck with that one.

July 18 – 21st:  The convention opened on a note of discord. There were at least five state delegations, all part of the “Dump Trump” movement, that loudly demanded to be heard; i.e. they wanted an open roll call vote so they could voice their objection to Primadonald as the party’s standard-bearer. Not wanting a public display of disunity in the form of 300-400 dissidents, their demand was put under heel and crushed, causing one disaffected conventioneer to describe that move as something out of Nazi Germany.

Things had started to settle down a bit when Melanie Trump took the stage and offered up a speech that was larded with almost verbatim, a number of lines from remarks that Michelle Obama had a few years previously. The plagiarism was quickly caught and shared the next day’s headlines with the aforementioned discord. Rather than put this matter to bed post haste, the plagiarism was vehemently denied with the denial followed by “spin”that lasted the full next day.

In spite of that distraction, Chris Christie presented himself as faux prosecutor and provocateur repeatedly bringing the assemblage to its feet with “Lock her up”, in reference to HRC’s admittedly careless handling of the e-mail traffic that came to and exited her private server. Anyone outside the building who heard the chanting, but couldn’t make out the words, would have thought that they were within earshot of an old fashion revival meeting.

Subsequently, the audience was treated to paeans to Primadonald, delivered by his children, Tammy, Donald, Jr., Eric and finally Ivanka. The man they all described had largely been completely invisible during the previous year. Instead, what came through the tv tube was a bombastic, misogynistic, xenophobic narcissist. Listening to the Trumpkins, brought to mind, Ira Levin’s 1975 satirical thriller The Stepford Wives, a flick about a group of submissive women who all turned out to be robots. Nowadays, we have a Stepford family.

As events rolled on towards the nominee’s inevitable acceptance speech, the live and television audiences were treated to an act of uncommon political courage or political suicide, courtesy of Senator Ted Cruz (R – TX). He spoke at some length about conservative values and principles that had to be honored and upheld, no matter what. Then, without saying as much, he rained out Primadonald’s parade by resolutely refusing to endorse the man. He was summarily booed off the stage, leaving pundits to wonder if they had really heard what they heard.

Finally, Trump entered to through an ankle-high mist, his frame silhouetted against a blue background, and launched into what was timed out as the longest acceptance speech in memory; a full 75 minutes delivered off a teleprompter (1) and at full volume. The address was Hitlerian in its bellicose nationalism, scapegoating, grandiose promises of greatness in the immediate future, and the identification of the one person who you could depend on to make it all happen; Donald J. Trump (2). Sad to say, the crowd lapped it up.

So, we move on now to the Democratic National Convention that will convene later in the evening of today’s date. The next blog at this site will cover events at that conclave.


  1. Remember how relentlessly conservatives mocked President Obama for his dependence on a teleprompter? Hmmmmm !!
  2.  A comparison between Primadonald’s verbiage and the rhetorical style and contents of Hitler was a subject of a blog posted at this site earlier this year.