On so many levels the Kizhr Khan family is made up of model US citizens. A son, Humayan,  parlayed his ROTC experience into a commission in our Army, goes to Iraq (1) and dies there in an heroic and successful effort to save members of his own unit and others nearby. Then, the parents appear at the Democrats’ National Convention to speak, not just in his memory, but against the self-absorbed, anti-Muslim rants of Primadonald. No one will  forget Mr. Khan’s measured remarks, his challenge to the Republican candidate to read the US Constitution, and finally his declaration to the same person, “You have sacrificed nothing!!”?

Beyond the foregoing “takeaways”, there was this:  The father referred to his family as “American-Muslims”. Dwell on that for a moment and let the impact of the order sink in. It is that the Khans are Americans FIRST and Muslims, second. They have so embraced their adopted country that they place our constitutionally-given values and traditions above all else. They have concluded that being a US citizen first and foremost is what gives them the freedom and right to worship Whomever, and as they please. In reality, it just doesn’t work the other way around; i.e. being a Christian first, assures you of nothing on this earth. Just ask Christians who live in countries where radical sectarian forces  are free to harass , torture and even kill them because a stable, secular  government does not exist or looks the other way as religious persecution takes place.

Getting the aforementioned order right is not something that is always practiced by some of our citizens who find the constitutional guarantee of equal protection a cumbersome appendage to our founding document. So much so that they use their Christianity as a basis for discriminating, most recently against the LGBT community. For these bigots, it’s their Christianity first and being an American, second.

In the aftermath of the coverage of Mr. Khan’s convention remarks, Primadonald wasted no time in striking back. He initially refused to acknowledge Humayan Khan’s heroism, belittled the fallen warrior’s mother and them, offered that he had indeed “sacrificed” by putting people to work, erecting”tall buildings” and being “very successful”. This latter aggrandizement managed to insult the intelligence of every thinking person and drive the candidate’s poll “unfavorable” numbers down even further. Various groups (2) have rushed to condemn the real estate tycoon as this entire matter has taken on a life of its own in our news and social media (3).

As we look ahead, once the results of this November’s elections are in, should HRC claim the presidency, we may look back on Primadonald’s heartless response to the Khans as a pivotal “moment”, very much like Scott Prouty’s video of Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” ad lib in front of a group of fat cat conservative donors in the run-up to the 2012 election (4). Both Kizhr and Scott shined a bright light on traits of two Republican candidates that turned voters towards their respective opponents.

Whatever happens four months from now, the Khan family has established itself as a model American family, and found a place for themselves in the history books that will be written about this election.

Hats off with admiration and respect.


  1. This statement allows for the correction of a factual error that appeared in the last blog at this site; i.e. Humayan Khan served and died in Iraq, not Afghanistan.
  2. Gold Star Mothers and Vote Vets.org are among such groups.
  3. Go to Twitter and check out the mocking of Trump’s “sacrifices” using #TrumpsSacrifices.
  4. See “In Praise of Scott Prouty” published at this site in late 2012, and accessible through the use of the blogsite’s archives search window.