No sooner had Primadonald entered the GOP presidential sweepstakes than we began to hear how tough he was, how he would stay the course, not fold or back down. Yet, ever since the latest poll results showed HRC with a solid lead nationally and in key battleground states, the Republican candidate had started to build a case to excuse his eventual loss; i.e. the election is “rigged”…the media are “biased” against me…the overturning of five states’ restrictive voter registration laws by the federal courts was “terrible” (1).

All this preemptive excuse-making should not be surprising. Primadonald is no tough guy, his self-aggrandizement to the contrary. He is a man with a serious narcissistic personality disorder who lacks a well-functioning conscience, is terribly thin-skinned, vindictive, in constant need of affirmation, and given to serial lying in the service of enhancing his own image and deflecting blame that is deservedly directed his way (2). The latter trait is of a piece with the aforementioned attempts to explain away what might turn out to be an electoral defeat. And if that defeat takes on the appearance of a complete “wipe-out” expect the excuses to increase in number, frequency and volume. Primadonald’s brittle ego is ill-equipped to handle such an outcome with any grace or dignity.

Coincidental to the foregoing, the “Never Trump” movement on the right remains in place. It is collecting support in varying degrees from GOP congressional candidates like senators John McCain and Kelley Ayotte who have steadfastly refused to endorse the real estate mogul. Then too, there is open talk among  GOP strategists that dumping Trump might be the only way to save down-ballot Republicans from losing their elections. The rationale here would be to lose the presidential contest, but save the House and Senate (3) and come back to fight for the top job in 2020 (4).

The advice here to blog readers is to watch the polls for the next six weeks. If HRC’s current lead holds up and is consistently outside the statistical margin of error, then the talk of jettisoning Primadonald will rise to something closer to a roar. If that happens, you can expect the candidate to add to his list of excuses “The establishment is against me”.

As more and more bad poll numbers aggregate along with an open and strong lack of party support, the urge for Trump to flee the scene may well pass the tipping point. So yes, he would dare ! He will not hesitate to bolt because he has absolutely no longstanding allegiance to the Republican Party. Nor would it be out of character for him to skip out and urge his supporters to either stay home or cast their vote for someone else. That would certainly be the vindictive thing to do.

Seventy-year old narcissists do not become paragons of mental health overnight, if ever.


  1. To criticize those court rulings is to send the message “Do not trust one of the pillars of our republic;” i.e. a free and impartial judiciary.
  2. A Google search of “narcissistic personality disorder” will provide the inquisitive with a list of the behaviors associated with that diagnosis. Loyalty to the GOP will vanish among Primadonald’s supporters if the dump Trump movement gains real traction and starts to look inevitable.
  3. Republicans are desperate to hang onto their senate majority. It is key to denying a president HRC the appointment of more liberal Supreme Court justices.
  4. If Primadonald skips, expect his supporters to abandon their support for the GOP right along with him.