What follows in no particular order, are three recent stories that have emerged on the campaign trail along with some related commentary from your blogger.

Bucking history

Breaking from a 100-year old tradition, the Manchester (New Hampshire) Union-Leader chose yesterday not to endorse  the Republican presidential nominee, opting instead to throw its support to Libertarian Gary Johnson. Long recognized as the most influential conservative “voice” in the state, the Union-Leader bashed Primadonald as a faux  Republican  while praising Johnson.

While there is no certainty over how much influence a newspaper’s endorsement exerts, the view here is that this one will cost Trump some votes; probably more than it will cost HRC.

Still stonewalling

Primadonald continues to engage in the ultimate stonewalling when it comes to making his 2015 tax returns public, claiming that he will do so only after the completion of what he claims is an ongoing IRS audit.

Just how bad is the stonewalling? Let’s detail the ways. He refuses to:  (1) prove that he is even being audited (*); (2) release an unaudited return for last year which he is free to do; and/or (3) release returns from previous years just as HRC has done.

Given the foregoing, it is best to apply this “smell test”, which comes from Chris Matthews of MSNBC’s political talk show “Hardball”; i.e. If the return contained information favorable to the candidate, it would have been released, complete or incomplete, long ago. But, if the return contains damaging information, it will be withheld at all costs. Sniff, sniff !!

As a sidebar to this story, it was astonishing to read what Donald Trump, Jr. had to say on this matter; i.e. he stated that his father’s return runs to 12,000 pages and its release would cause pater familius serious problems because going public would invite scrutiny by “ordinary people” who would only raise uninformed questions about what they found in the document. OK; now tell us Junior, would experts perusing the same document come up with the same “off-the-wall” queries?

Can you catch the odor of dead fish, rotting ?

Ivanka “fronts” for Dad

Yesterday, Primadonald introduced his eldest daughter as “very smart” and as the person who cajoled him into going public with a child care policy. In this rollout, Ivanka spoke of how her dad’s plan was “revolutionary” (and) the only one out there; something that was filling a vacuum caused by HRC’s failure to address the same matter, ever.

The problemS with all this is that it is one lie piled upon another. Consider:  History shows that Primadonald’s opponent has worked tirelessly as an  advocate for children and child care, only to have her efforts thwarted by congressional Republicans (+). Her current website contains three pages devoted to her own policy and it was published months before Trump’s. When a reporter pointed out the foregoing, the Stepford daughter accused her of “editorializing” to avoid discussing more relevant issues. HUH??? Since when did fact-checking devolve into opining?

Finally, another sidebar:  Folks in the anti-Primadonald crowd were quick to jump on Ivanka’s ignorance of history and outright lying. Rushing to her defense, conservatives asked rhetorically “How dare you pick on the candidate’s family?” This lament is totally without merit. Daughter Trump was made the “face” of her father’s child care policy; he credited her for its’ conception, gave her the job of rolling it out and then defending it as a surrogate. Every bit of this makes her fair game. If we have learned anything from her involvement, it is that she is just as adept at willingly lying and then smugly dismissing any pushback.

Consider her to have been well-mentored.


*When the IRS decides to audit anyone’s tax returns, that person is sent an official notification to that effect. All Primadonald would have to do to prove that he is under audit, is to make a copy of his notification public. As noted, he has refused to do even that.

+Congressional Republican opposition has seemingly been based on their fear that if passed, HRC’s proposals (and those of other Democrats) would only serve to expand what conservatives so deeply hate; i.e. entitlements.