Last night, Indiana Governor Mike Pence and Virginia Senator Tim Kaine went at it for 90 minutes in a debate that was marked by the two candidates talking past and interrupting each other while doing their best to defend their respective presidential nominees, HRC and Primadonald. As will be noted, who won this set-to depends on how you rate style, substance and veracity.

Governor Pence

Calm, articulate and generally well-mannered, the GOP’s veep candidate certainly won on style. If viewers were looking for assurance that there would be someone sane close enough to Trump to rein him in, they found that person in the Hoosier governor. Sadly, but not surprisingly, Pence came up short on both substance and veracity. And why not? His presidential compatriot has run a substance-free campaign while trafficking in regular lying, insults, threats, grandiose claims and innuendo. Consequently, Pence could not deliver substance because Primadonald offers none. As for veracity, Pence elected to repeatedly deny statements that Trump had provably made. Indeed, before an hour had passed after the debate, MSNBC rolled a video showing exactly that. This morning’s papers and news shows were awash with further evidence of the same thing as provided by various fact-checkers.

Senator Kaine

In sharp contrast to Governor Pense’s soothing demeanor, Tim Kaine appeared nervous as evidenced by his rate of speech and repeated, impulsive interrupting. That the latter put at least some people off seems certain. But the veep aspirant had the benefit of “fronting” for the Democrats’ presidential candidate who has set forth come very specific policies aimed at such matters as job creation, counter-terrorism and building bonds between communities and their police forces. As opportunities presented themselves, Kaine was able to call up specifics from these proposals and tick them off, one-by-one. As for veracity, Kaine defended HRC where that did no violence to the truth. When that wasn’t possible, he deflected rather than outright lie, in contrast to his opponent who never passed up a chance to support his running mate’s deceits or out-of-bounds behavior.

Concluding Comments

There is little question that Mike Pense won on style but lost badly on substance and veracity. In those respects, he proved himself to truly be Primadonald’s “apprentice”. On the other determinants of success (substance and veracity), Tim Paine proved the better.

We can now await the post-debate polls to see if either veep candidate “moved the needle” on behalf of their respective superiors. The educated guess here is neither man will have a major, lasting impact on the poll numbers that were extant as recently as 48 hours ago.



Refer back to “Primadonald’s ‘flirtations’ ” the last blog posted at this site and its section “The Trump Foundation’s failure to get certified”. Therein, the statement was erroneously made that the Foundation had not been compliant vis a vis certification until recently. In fact, the Foundation had never gotten itself certified.The mistake was mine; a product of a misreading.


Following closely from the Erratum, NY AG Eric Schneiderman has issued a “cease and desist” order to the Foundation to prohibit it from soliciting any further donations until certification is attained AND, the legal jeopardy the Foundation is now in, is adjudicated.