On August 11, 2014, the blog “The Loyal Opposition:  Past, Present and Future, was posted at this site. You can access that statement by using the search window on the bottom left of the page you are reading now.

As we move towards a Trump presidency and a Congress controlled by Republicans, it would do us all well to re-read the aforementioned blog to reacquaint ourselves with what it means to be a member of the loyal opposition, and that applies to our Democrat representatives in Congress who are in the same boat. That is going to be a difficult path to follow given the bitter nature of this past presidential election. There is anger,  grieving and anti-Trump demonstrations have already broken out here and there. Yet if we do not participate in constrictive ways we will consign our country to at least two more years of stagnation where major problems go unaddressed and we continue our descent into Third World status.

By all means, vent. But stay engaged.