Still living with the “let-down” created by the results of the presidential election? You and about 1.5 million other folks because that’s what HRC’s margin of “victory” in the popular vote now amounts to and it’s still growing.

So, disheartened by the state of US politics that you have bailed out? Better get back in and get engaged because there’s a lot going on and in process that’s terribly important. A few of those matters will be covered next.

Hiring a family member

Primadonald wants to hire his son-in-law, Jared Kushner,  as an advisor. The problem is that were that step to be taken, it would be in violation of a 1967 law forbidding same. If the president-elect stays true to form, expect him to either disobey the law or look for some way to weasel-word his way around it. In either case, congressional Republicans are going to be confronted with three options:  (1) demur and let Primadonald get away with a crime; (2) vote to repeal the law; or (3) hold the president-elect accountable. Whichever of these three choices is adopted, it will say a great deal about what those same GOPers value most; i.e. our country and its laws or their party.

The nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R – AL) as Attorney General (AG)

If Primadonald wanted to evince  a complete disavowal of his promise to “unite the country” and be a president for “all Americans”, he couldn’t have made a worse pick. Sessions has what can best be described as a checkered history when it comes to racism and the laws that deal with racial injustice. On the one hand, as Alabama’s AG, he successfully prosecuted a racist. On the other hand, he has repeatedly supported laws that make it more difficult for minority group members to vote, including the US Supreme Court’s gutting parts of the Voting Rights Act a few years ago. (1)

On that latter topic, do not expect Sessions as AG to initiate Federal court actions contesting laws enacted by states that are alleged to disenfranchise voters. Rather, he would be more likely to oppose court actions mounted by the ACLU in those kinds of legal proceedings.

Senate Democrats are all too familiar with the nominee’s record and what it signals to minority groups who are part of their constituencies. Expect those members of Congress to raise full-throated Hell in opposition to Sessions’ nomination. How successful they will be is an interesting question.

Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KN) as Head of the CIA

Pompeo was a member of the Select Benghazi Committee that investigated the deaths of four of our personnel in Libya. When that body finally concluded that HRC was blameless in the matter,  the Kansas representative disagreed and authored a “minority of one” judgment of his own. Clearly, he was unpersuaded by the evidence that led his colleagues to their decision not to mention the same conclusion reached by eight previous committees examining the same issue.

And then there is this:  Pompeo was elected to Congress from the Kansas district that is home to the corporate offices of Koch Industries. The Koch brothers, notorious for the “dark money” they have a long history of funneling to conservative office seekers and conservative causes, are Pompeo’s most generous supporters. a fact that has been well documented.

Pompeo’s nomination begs the question “Is this how Primadonald ‘drains the swamp’ and rids Washington of influence peddling and ‘pay-to-play’ ?” That the new president is behaving in a way that belies his campaign promises is hardly surprising:  his inventory of lies, misrepresentations and flip-flops is without parallel in modern presidential campaign history.


The foregoing synopses make clear that there is much too much at stake to go AWOL and let matters take any old course. It’s our country too, and we need to retain our claim on it. Hard as that is when your energy has been sapped by a stinging defeat, it still must be done. Hang in there with your blogger!!!


  1. Promptly, after the USSC gutted parts of the Voting Rights Act, the Alabama Legislature passed a law requiring that the state’s residents had to have a driver’s license photo-ID in order to vote. Upon attempting to get one, citizens discovered that the state had preemptively closed dozens of offices where that documentation could be obtained. This and other controversial means have been used in states controlled by Republican legislatures and/or governors to suppress the vote. Trump was right; i.e. the system is “rigged”.