When your heads have cleared after a New Year’s Eve of revelry, make the time to use the links provided below, the contents of which offer a forensic analysis of how the American press simply has yet to figure out how to deal with Primadonald in his past and ongoing campaign to take our minds hostage. This analysis is presented in such detail that it would be a disservice to you were your blogger to offer synoptic versions of them here.

The first of the links lays out the aforementioned analysis. The second provides some suggestions on how our press might choose to deal with what the author, Jay Rosen (1) calls a “wicked problem”.

“Winter is coming: prospects for the American press under Trump ”


“Prospects for the American press under Trump, part two”


Understand that Rosen is using the word “press” in the broadest sense so as to encompass journalists who use newspapers, magazines, television, and radio as means of disseminating information.


  1. Jay Rosen is a professor of Journalism at New York University. The man has the credentials to speak with some authority on the matter at hand.