No, not Putin poodle’s (1) great wall between US and Mexico. This is the “wall” that Congressional Republicans are erecting around the president-elect. The purpose:  To shield him from charges that he is in violation of the US Constitution, and therefore, impeachable.

In a perverse way, you have to “appreciate” those representatives’ dilemma:  For the first time in decades, they have control of both houses of Congress and the presidency. Thus, they can pass virtually anything they want and they are giddy at the prospect of not just repealing Obamacare, but fraying the strands of the social safety net by chipping away at Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid with no presidential veto in sight. But, having Trump removed from office would put a big kink in all those plans, not to mention severely damaging the GOP brand.

Against this backdrop, the poodle will turn his far-flung  business interests over to his eldest sons with a promise not to communicate with them, and take on any new ventures. The idea that this arrangement represents a blind trust is laughable on its face and the Director of the Office of Government Ethics wasted no time in saying so. House Republicans immediately went public with plans to investigate the Director, not to advise the poodle to come up with something more credible. Think of this as the laying of the first bricks in the wall that is a-building.

The next installment in this tale of ethical and moral lapses by Congressional Republicans will arrive with the results of the Senate’s investigation into the impact of Russian hacking on the outcome of our recent election and how that clandestine activity had as one motive, aiding the election of the poodle. Said results, if they diminish the poodle’s legitimacy as having been fairly elected, will have to be dealt with. In the worst case, if there is evidence of collusion between the Russians and poodle’s campaign before the election, we are now talking about treasonous behavior. That would put us squarely in impeachment territory.

It’s hard to tell how many regular visitors to this blogsite remember what happened with the impeachment of Richard Nixon:  Even as the drip,drip, drip of Watergate revelations was ongoing, Congressional Republicans coalesced in defense of the president, But, as more and more information came to light, what formed was a critical mass of damning evidence that made saving Nixon impossible. This caused key members of the Republican Congressional caucus (2) to go to their president and tell him that the votes were there to remove him from office. Nixon’s resignation soon followed.

This history was recounted because of the possibility that a very similar scenario will start to emerge early in the poodle’s first term. This becomes all the more likely if he persists with his pattern of testing the ethical and legal limits of constitutionally acceptable behavior; something he is already doing.

If Congressional Republicans won’t hold Trump accountable, who will? The answer can begin with Congressional Democrats, but it’s going to take an outcry from us; we the people!!! So, pay attention, keep us, and stay engaged.


  1. Henceforth, the sobriquet “Primadonald” is being retired; to be replaced with Putin’s poodle in light of the Russian Premier’s contrivance on Trump’s behalf.
  2. The most notable Republican to deliver the bad news to Nixon was AZ senator, Barry Goldwater.