Most (maybe all) of you out there are hip to abbreviations and acronyms like “OCD’, referring to “obsessive-compulsive disorder”, a well-documented type of psychopathology. Well, thanks to Putin’s poodle, in the last 48 hours, we have witnessed the emergence of a new form of mental illness that carries the same identifying letters; OCD. But, in this case, we are dealing with obsessive-convulsive disorder.

Not satisfied that he won an historic, upset victory, Trump remains in a funk over the fact that he lost the popular vote by a whopping 2.8 margin. Stuck in this state of high dungeon, the poodle recently lapsed into convulsions involving the “upchucking” or “blowing of chunks” of outright lies and statements that defy reality.

In a televised interview with ABC’s David Muir, the poodle asserted that there was widespread voter fraud in the amount of ” 3 to 5 million” engaged in by “illegals”. Notice the convenient choice of “3 to 5 million”. If true, that would mean that Trump actually won the popular vote because “3 million” certainly tops 2.8 million, and “5 million” leaves 2.8 million in the dust. Of course, in our long history of presidential elections, nothing even remotely close to a fraud of that magnitude has ever happened.

Now, there are those “illegals”. To bolster his claim that this group is comprised of illegitimate voters, Trump noted that there are people registered to vote in more than one state (1), and that there are dead people who are still on voters rolls, and have been there for “a long time”. Eager to put these realities in the worst possible light, the poodle failed to recognize that when folks move from one state to another, they do so without removing their names from the rolls in the state that they are leaving. In a very similar way, the survivor(s) of a person who dies often neglect to remove the deceased name from voter rolls (2). Simply put, there is a completely innocent explanation for the poodle’s superficial observations.

Extending his rant about “illegals”, Trump assured Muir that every single one of them had voted from some other candidate so that he got “none of them; none!!!. This outrageous claim begs the question “How do you know how anybody voted when we all enjoy the anonymity that goes with secret balloting?” What is startling here to the point of eliciting audible gasps, is that as all this flows from the president’s mouth, he shows not the slightest signs of self-monitoring or self-awareness. Either he is convinced that he can get away with such a claim though he knows it is absurd, or he has already processed the remarks internally, and satisfied himself that he is speaking the truth.Whichever happens to be the true case, it speaks volumes about this man’s state of mental health, and should frighten the living hell out of all us, his supporters included.

The news media have seized on all of the foregoing and given the poodle failing marks for honesty and contact with reality. There is no reason to anticipate that this will end well. The more likely outcome is that Trump will look for ways to marginalize news sources that are critical of him and his behavior. A more unnerving view of such a turn of events would hold that the poodle will mount an assault on our free press and First Amendment rights. Then we will see if a Republican-controlled Congress has the political courage to loudly denounce such actions.

Stay tuned and stay engaged !!!


  1. It has been discovered that Trump’s youngest daughter, Tiffany, is listed on the voter registration rolls in two states.
  2. During his gypsified adult life, your blogger has lived in five different states and registered to vote in each one of them.On moving from one to another, no effort was made to adjust the voter rolls accordingly. In the same way, when his parents died, their names were not removed from voter rolls and probably still remain there.