How could anyone not be familiar with the time-worn adage that “Haste makes waste”? You pour milk too fast and run the risk of spillage. Exceed the speed limit and you cut your car’s fuel efficiency. That’s just two of what would surely be a thousand other examples.

How does that same old saw play out with Putin’s poodle in the White House and the GOP in control of Congress? Both have been in one big hurry to get things done to prove to their constituents that “Yes, we will keep our campaign promises, we know how to govern and we’ll get things done. Stand back and watch !!!” Uh-huh.

The wall

The poodle’s BIG campaign promise, repeated over and over, was that he was going to promptly build a wall along the US/Mexico border and that the latter will pay for it. When Mexican President Nieto Pena shot back with “Oh no we won’t”, the poodle’s spokespeople floated the idea that to force our southern neighbor into compliance, a 20% import tax would be levied against goods produced in Mexico and shipped into the US. It didn’t take long for someone to figure out that the companies producing the taxed goods would simply pass that cost onto US consumers. Bad idea; can’t have that.

But, promises must be kept, no matter what. So, the poodle signed an Executive Order (EO) directing Congress to find the funds to at least begin the wall’s construction, with the proviso that Mexico would reimburse us later, in one way or another. Notice the problem here:  Until that reimbursement occurs, if it ever does, our tax money that could be better spent on other necessities, will help erect some part of the wall.

Closely related to Congress finding the money for wall construction, there is the poodle’s EO to strip so-called “sanctuary cities” of funding. The problem with this gambit is that it violates the US Constitution’s 10th Amendment. That is, in part, because it is a naked attempt to coerce these cities into using local law enforcement to do the job that rightly belongs to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE). The 10th Amendment says that’s a no-no.


On the heels of the EOs related to the wall, the poodle issued another banning Muslim immigrants from seven different countries (1) from entering the US. Even more broadly, this EO also affects thousands of green card holders who are already here, legally, as well as several individuals who served our military in the middle east, as interpreters and collectors of intelligence. Given that history, it is hard to imagine a group of people who are safer and more deserving of entry. Additionally, and just as telling, this particular EO has had the impact of infuriating American-Muslim citizens, not to mention Muslin nations that we have looked to for help in fighting and defeating ISIS.

Repealing and replacing Obamacare

Moving on to another EO, the poodle used one to extend to Congress the authority to repeal and replace Obamacare. The problem here is that Republicans have yet to come up with a comprehensive replacement that enjoys widespread support. Indeed, the rush to repeal has served to reveal divisions within the GOP that are now public:  There are some who want Obamacare repealed with no replacement, no matter what the political fallout. Others favor a gradual approach wherein repeal is followed by a replacement of only some part of Obamacare, with other such adjustments to follow on what remains an undetermined timetable. A third group is insisting that repeal must be followed by a comprehensive new law. With no legislative action presently in sight, the poodle’s EO is reduced to a symbolic gesture that has no practical significance so long as Congressional Republicans can’t agree on a path forward on the replacement front.

The bottom line

Haste makes…? When it comes to governance, the answer is bad policy !!! In the rush to be seen as “promise-keepers”, the poodle and Republicans in Congress have managed to create more problems than they have solved, caused friction in our relationships with other countries, and put US taxpayers on the spot to pay for the wall with absolutely no assurance that they will be reimbursed.

This present state of affairs can all be traced back to the poodle extravagant campaign promises that his supporters took literally; the wall, the ban on Muslims, the repeal and replacement of Obamacare. And this would all come to pass because the poodle promised us “…so many victories !” Now, Congressional Republicans find themselves being threatened by the likes of poodle spokesperson Kelleyanne Conway that they had better come to heel and give their leader what he has promised or he will turn on them at election time.

As hard as it is to be a Congressional Democrat right now, it is just as clear that being a Republican has its own down-side.


  1. Notably exempt from the Muslim nations affected by the ban were Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Both are countries wherein the poodle has business interests, and the vast majority of 9-11 terrorists were Saudis.