Congressman Eric Swalwall, a Democrat representing California’s 15th District, has started a web page devoted to describing how our democracy is under attack by Russia, and how Trump and his associates may figure into all of this. Rather than try to condense here, the contents of what appears at the site, go directly to it, using the directions shown below. This is MUST READ stuff!!


*** Google “Swalwall Protect our Democracy”. When that site opens, read through what is offered there and be sure to pay particular attention to the line diagram that can be found by clicking on “Russia:  Trump and his team’s ties”. ***


The material set forth at the representative’s website is less than 24 hours old. Do not be surprised if, in ensuing days, this all gets substantial play in the news media, especially now that Congress has initiated at least two investigations into Russia’s meddling in our last election.

In journalistic parlance, this story has “legs”, meaning that it is going to last well beyond one or two 24-hour news cycles. As it gets wider and more intense media scrutiny, expect Trump to launch into multiple Twitter tirades about “fake news” accompanied by baseless .accusations that he is being maliciously and deceitfully preyed upon by his opponents.