This follows from the “End note” that appeared at the end of the last blog posted at this site. Here is the present fall-out from House Republicans’ failure to repeal Obamacare and pass a replacement healthcare program.

When House Speaker Paul Ryan introduced his “repeal/replace” bill, it was “scored” by the Congressional Budget Office and, on a positive note, found to generate in excess of a $300 billion reduction in deficit spending. That is no small thing to conservatives who  pride themselves on being “fiscal hawks”.

But, when the Ryan “repeal/replace” legislation failed to pass, that $300 billion when pfffffft !! That saving was going to be used to help finance other items on 45’s agenda like building a wall along the US/Mexico border.  Now, that project and funding for it will be put off until a “later date” according to Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell.

The foregoing paragraph described the first and most obvious fall-out from failure of the Ryan legislation. More broadly there is this:  With their one obvious vehicle for deficit reduction now gone, House Republicans are going to have to make harsher cuts elsewhere in the budget; perhaps even ask Trump to scale back his various initiatives.

As the budget process moves forward, watch for members of the House Freedom Caucus (FC) to emerge as key players. They will be the ones to demand severe cuts in social programs and more defunding of those governmental agencies that Trump has already started to neuter; i.e. Energy, the EPA, Education and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. No one will be less willing to negotiate and compromise than the FC folks.

Expect a long, drawn out and contentious budgeting process as House Republicans fight among themselves.