In the last 24+ hours, the Washington Post published an expose’ dealing with when the Obama Administration first learned of the Russian meddling in our election, the problems that information posed for the president, the divisions within his closest advisors (*) about what should be done, and what finally was done.

In August 2016, the Intelligence community sent Obama a top-secret (for your eyes only) document detailing Russian hacking and meddling in our forthcoming election, all with the intention of defeating HRC and electing Trump.  In possession of this knowledge, Obama faced a number of hard choices:  (1) respond with some sort of vigorous cyber attack aimed at Russia (+) or something more restrained; (2) how much to share with the public; and (3) how to go public without creating the impression that he was putting his “thumb on the scale” in favor of HRC in the forthcoming election.?

In the end, Obama chose to go with a muted response to the Russians while eventually publicly under-playing what was going on so as to avoid the aforementioned “thumb on the scale” problem. It could be likened to dancing on the head of a pin; Obama was boxed in.

The foregoing provides only the more relevant, basic essentials of what is a very complex matter. That said, we can now turn our attention to how 45 responded to all this.

Remember, once the story of Russian interference finally broke, Trump labelled it “a hoax (and) fake news”, a position he had maintained right up until the Washington Post’s expose’. But now, not only is he “all in” with the new revelations,  he wants the news media to abandon their coverage of what role he and/or his associates might have figured in the Russian meddling in favor of blaming Obama for his failure to stop the Russian activity.

How could 45 have responded? Here are his choices:  (1) remain silent; (2) acknowledge the tough choices that Obama had to make; (3) thank Obama for the care he exercised in not tilting the electoral playing field in HRC’s favor; (4) condemn Putin and the Russians; or (5) engage in a self-serving call for the media to lay off of him.

Anyone who has watched and listened to Trump over the last many months knows that choices #1 – 3 are all simply out of character for this man. He is incapable of remaining silent, empathizing, or expressing gratitude. As for #4, we continue to await 45 saying anything even mildly derogatory about Putin and the Russian meddling even as he finally admits that it actually happened and is not a “hoax”. That leaves choice #5 which is to say a no-brainer for 45.

What we have witnessed in Trump’s words, actions and inaction, is how misplaced his loyalties are and probably always have been. Self-absorption defines this individual far better than any of his other negative personal traits which have been the subject of earlier blogs posted at this site.  Trump’s loyalty is to Trump; nothing else really matters.


*+ Among Obama’s closest advisors that wanted a robust response, one who was interviewed for the Post expose’ said “I think we sort of choked”. Other advisors who felt differently have thus far remained silent.