Last week, during his MSNBC show “Hardball”, host Chris Matthews come forward with this which, here, is paraphrased:  Trump and those caught in the web of the investigation by Special Prosecutor (SP) Robert Mueller are well aware of what they have said and done; whether they broke the law, fudged on it, or danced right up to the edge of unethical behavior. Now, given that awareness, if they are convinced that they did nothing wrong, there is absolutely no reason for them to act as guilty parties, and that is especially true of 45. If they all know what they have said and done, and are satisfied that it all falls within acceptable limits, get out of the way and let all investigations proceed through to exoneration. 

Now we know that all of them have hired lawyers, though that hardly constitutes even an implied admission of guilt. But, after an initial flurry of denials and/or obfuscations by the likes of Donald, Jr., they have retreated into silence; most likely on the advice of counsel. But not Trump the elder who continues to lash out, in particular at various news outlets who, he claims are purveyors of “fake news” if any of their articles advance the Russia/Trump connection narrative. This is not the behavior of someone who believes in his own innocence and wants the investigations to run their course.

What makes matters even harder for 45 is his wondering “How much of what I know about my own history does Mueller also know?” The reality, right now, is that Mueller, like the true professional that he is, has held his findings close, revealing almost nothing to the press and public. You can certainly get a general sense of his strategy:  He is going after the most vulnerable of 45’s associates (think Manafort and Flynn), building cases that he can then use to leverage them into testifying against higher-ups, even as he also builds cases against the higher-ups.

It is also telling that the SP has relieved of duty, the one member of his team who was devoted to searching out acts of counter-espionage. That has been taken to mean that the remaining 15 team members are all committed to the sole pursuit of cases involving money! This could include fraud, illegal wire transfers, bribery and money laundering. With that in mind, keep a sharp eye out for exposes’ that deal with financial transitions involving 45, his organization and/or associates just outside that orbit.

One such person has been identified as Felix Sater, a convicted felon with a long history of being connected with Trump through various business dealings. We are now learning that starting in 2006, this man, with strong Russian ties, was actively working to promote the construction of a Trump Tower in Moscow with huge sums of money involved. You can be sure that the news media and Mr. Mueller will pull on the “thread” provided by this latest revelation to see where, how far, and to whom it will lead.

So, stay tuned in to the news and watch for key words like “Sater”, and “Trump Tower Moscow”. This story has “legs” as journalists like to say, and isn’t going away any time soon.