Hopa and welcome to Chez George. I am your maitre d, George Papadopolous and have your table ready. Our gourmand chef Robispierre Mueller has prepared a sumptuous repaste that is sure to caress your palate. Regarde vous:

Appetizer:  Pate’ d foie Manafort..

Soup:  Gates bisque

Salad:  A reduction of mixed leafy vegetables ala Flynn served with Single Island dressing (Hawaii – make only America great again).

Entree’:  Roast suck(l)ing pig to be presented with foot in its mouth.

Dessert:  Pure vanilla, topped with assorted mixed nuts, including Carter Page, Sam Clovis, Trump, Jr. and Jared Kushner.

Beverage:  White Russian

Enjoy !!!


If this blog has left you scratching your head in puzzlement, you are way behind by about six news cycles.