Relax; nothing salacious ahead. This is not going to be about Trump’s bachelor days when he was a swinging man about town in New York. Nor, is there any intent on rehashing his cheating on first wife Ivana, or on his second wife, Marla. No; this is about candidate and then president Donald J. Trump’s love affairs with some of the worst people in the world, with Russia’s Vladimir Putin at the top of the list.

If, during the past two years, you’ve been even marginally in touch with the news, you are aware that candidate and president DJT, just can’t bring himself to utter an unkind word about the likes of Philippine President Duterte, North Korea’s Kim Jon Un, and Syria’s Bashir Al Assad. These guys are not just despots. They are the worst kind of tyrant who ruthlessly crush dissent and murder anyone who even hints at questioning their authority.

But beyond these scoundrels, and because of the ongoing investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, special attention will be focused here on the “bromance” between Trump as candidate and president, and Putin.

It would be highly instructive if a news organization collected and spliced end-to-end, all of the generous comments about Vlady that have fallen from Trump’s lips as he campaigned for our presidency and after he won it. Putin is “a strong leader” (never mind that he is a murderous thug) is just one example of a litany of bon mots that Trump has bestowed upon Russia’s leader. The latest of bouquets involved 45 taking Putin’s word when the latter asserted that he and Russia had not meddled in our last election, contrary to the firm conclusion of all 17 of our Intelligence agencies.

This pattern of behavior (and it surely is a pattern) has been excused by Trump apologists as their man being “crazy like a fox” and “playing” the opposition. In sharp contrast, there are the opinions of some notable mental health professionals (1) who consider Trump’s pattern as “crazy as in crazy”; and a specific kind of crazy at that, a topic we turn to next.

It is striking that Trump has such a fondness for authoritarian figures; he admires them, extols their dominance, skipping over their ruling with an iron fist and ability to murder their own countrymen without remorse. It is hard to escape the very real possibility that these monsters are his role models, not Lincoln or current day Republican icon, Ronald Reagan.

If 45 seeks to run the US as an authoritarian president, what has he done toward that end? Simply put, for the past year, he has chipped away at the foundations of our nation; the very pillars that have sustained us for going on 250 years:  He denigrated Federal Judge Curiel and the district courts that set aside his Muslim travel ban. He viciously attacks the free press as hopelessly biased and purveyors of “fake news”, and lambasts members of his own party when they fail to help him fulfill one or another campaign promise. Not bad enough? Look at what he is doing to key government agencies like the EPA and Energy wherein he has installed as department heads, men like Scott Pruitt and Rick Perry who are intent on sabotaging the very organizations they have been appointed to head. Both are climate change deniers and shills for “big Oil” who have scant interest in the quality of the air that we breathe and the water we drink.

In the last analysis, Trump’s “Make America great again” should more properly be re-written to read “Make America different”. How “different”? Look to the countries whose leaders 45 can’t manage a bad word about.


  1. Twenty-seven mental health experts have lent their expertise to filling the pages of The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump. Bandy X. Lee; St. Martin’s Press, 2017. This book is available in hard cover and Kindle.