The article cited above was just published in the November issue of The Atlantic Magazine. It contains a biting, thoughtful, insightful, historically accurate, empirical analysis of Trump’s campaign, his presidency, the people who vote for him and remain his most committed supporters, as well as a take-down of HRC. In all these respects, it is even-handed.

The article runs to 33 pages and every one of them contains valuable information that is crucial to arriving at an understanding of  the mindset of the people who voted for Trump and who remain unalterably in his camp. How have they come to embrace an overtly racist man whose entire 10 months in office have been devoted in one way or another to promoting a White America while taking us back to some of the darkest days in our country’s history when “liberty and justice for all” rang hollow?

The answer to the foregoing question is to be found in the delusion that allows one to step up for this racist president even as one adamantly denies that such a choice unavoidably makes you a racist yourself. Read and discover.’s-delusion

If this link does not take you directly to the article itself, a Google search using the title of the article will get the job done.