Ok, ok, we can’t get in there; not really. All we can do is take his behavioral record and draw inferences from that which is to say, speculate. So, how has this man behaved in the past in his role as a special prosecutor? He has been highly successful because he is strategic, a long-term planner, thorough, methodical and patient.


Mueller’s MO is to work from the periphery in towards the middle. Or, if you prefer, from the bottom up towards the top. So, he went after Manafort and Gates, and secured indictments in both cases. Next, he cut a deal with Flynn who is now sharing what he knows about possible collusion between Trump and Russia that possibly involved a conspiracy which is against the law.

Long-term planner

Mueller knows that he has to build a solid case against whomever is guilty and that is going to take time. Every bit of information provided by Flynn is going to be paired up with other bits of information that Mueller and his team have already collected. Do they mesh, fit together, and add to an emerging picture of conspiracy and hence, illegality?


The Special Prosecutor is known for not leaving a single stone unturned. If there is fraud, money laundering, or election-theft that has taken place, he will get to the bottom of all of it. That has been his “calling card” in every case he has prosecuted.


In the past, Mueller has not been one to make inferential leaps from point “A” to point “D”, filling in the gap between the two with suppositions. No, he is an “A” to “B” to “C” kind of guy. When he lands on “D”, there will be every reason to trust that he is exactly where the evidence has led him, with no room for debate or second-guessing.


If almost goes without saying that you have to be patient in order to be strategic, a long-term planner, thorough and methodical. Mueller will not be rushed; not by political considerations like the 2018 election or anything else. He will be done when he is satisfied that there is nothing else left to be discovered that will add materially to what he will report to Congress and/or the American people.

End notes

There is reason to believe that both the progress that Mueller is making and the pace at which he is working are both grinding on Trump and quite possibly triggering his Twitter outbursts and lashing out. That’s not the behavior of a person who is convinced of his own innocence. Just as telling is the venom that conservatives are spewing at Mueller as they try to discredit his character and investigation. You can expect these attacks to increase in their frequency and vitriol as this probe gets closer and closer to 45’s innermost circle and imperils his presidency. The saga of Watergate played out in exactly the same way until Nixon was forced from office.

Will history repeat itself? It’s going to be at least many months before we find out.