First, start with a circle that includes within it Stormy Daniels, Trump and his “fixer” Michael Cohen. There are now real questions about where the latter got the $130,000. that he used to buy the porn queen’s silence. Did it involve bank fraud, money laundering and/or a breaking of campaign finance rules? These are legitimate questions and there are qualified, credentialed people out looking for evidence-based answers.

Second,  think of another circle populated by a much larger collection of people including Trump, Cohen, Flynn, Page, Manafort, Gates, Trump, Jr. Kushner and Papadopolous. Did any of these people interact with Russian entities in illegal ways that helped to swing the election to Trump? Special Prosecutor Mueller remains steadfast in his pursuit of the answer to that critical question.

Now, imagine our two circles, side-by-side. Slide them towards one another in your mind until they partially overlap, thus creating what has long been known as a Venn Diagram. That done, ask yourself “Who ‘resides’ within the space created by the overlap?” The answer is Trump and Cohen and that isn’t even arguable.

This overlap raises the possibility that with Cohen a player in both the Daniels and Trump/Russia stories, there may eventually be a real merging where criminality in one bleeds into the other. For example, If Cohen acted illegally in both, and his crime(s) inured to Trump’s benefit, and this nexus can be proven, then that is going to leave 45 exposed to the severest of penalties, including impeachment and even jail time.

At present, Cohen has yet to be proven to have acted illegal and there is certainly no evidence that the aforementioned “nexus” exists. So, for the time being, keep those two circles separate while tracking any new developments within each one of them. And as those developments occur, watch to see if they don’t move the two circles closer together until the evidence makes their overlap a certainty. If and when that happens, the legal pressure on Cohen is going to be enormous to the point where, to save his own skin, he becomes a cooperating witness. That, along with a great deal more, would spell the end of the Trump presidency.