Part 1.

With the Manafort trial now under way, we the public are about to be exposed to a laundry list of the defendant’s multiple forms of criminality. As this picture emerges and gets uglier and uglier, his association with Trump is going to draw plenty of attention.

Part 2.

Once the emerging picture of Manafort is complete, start watching for left-leaning tv ads that feature a split screen:  On one side there will be a scrolling display of all of Manafort’s crimes. On the other, a shot of Trump assuring us that he always “hires the best people”.

Part 3.

Sometime between today’s date and mid-September, there is going to be a major break in the Mueller investigation:  Based on what has become known so far, a reading of the tea leaves suggests that the bombshell will come in the form of an indictment and it will be of at least one US citizen with more than an incidental association with 45 and/or his campaign.

End notes

The frequency of, and vitriol contained in Trump’s deluge of tweets about the investigation into Russian meddling are a valid barometer of the president’s level of fear that he and his team and going to get engulfed in a real scandal. As the events in Parts 1-3 (above) unfold, watch for a noticeable change in both indices; i.e.  the frequency and stridency of Trump’s 144-word messaging will increase.  If that trend does manifest itself, expect 45 to reach a point where he cannot contain his impulse to get Mueller fired and end the investigation.